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Our dream is that all children will survive childhood cancer. Children and cancer do not belong together. Do as we do, support the Barncancerfonden by purchasing their Christmas packages. Toge...


Don´t miss that we are at the exhibiting Automässan 2020 in Gothenburg.Visit our booth B07:42 and see our news

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Happy new year

We wish all customers, partners, employees and frends all the best for the new year.


Antikvarie Kulturarvsbanken, Historiska museet vid Lunds universitet

The historical museum at Lund University uses a DENT EXTEND MOBILE® to restore paintings and cleaning of archaeological materials to the Historical Museum DENT EXTEND MOBILE® is a mobile device des...

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Adcoat SW Advanced Coating AB

Adcoat has tailored technical solutions for 40 years and especially in industrial surface treatment. Their choice of Pivab products fell on a DENT PORTAL®

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Swedavia Airports

Swedavia owns and develops the national base offer of airports in Sweden. The ten airports form a system that connects Sweden - and Sweden with the world. Pivab are using one of our subcontractors ...

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Automechanika show in Frankfurt. 11-15 September, 2018

We will show, among other things DENT PORTAL®, DENT STATION® and DENT MIX® Welcome to visit us in our booth 11.0 A05

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Automessen (NO) samt Fordonsverkstad Easy Fair (SWE)

We will be exhibiting at the following trade shows. Welcome to visit us !

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Welcome to Auto Messen in Lillestrom, Norway.

Welcome to the booth D03-29 Auto Messen in Lillestrom, Norway.

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